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Instrument Crosswalks

For more information about crosswalk content or specific instruments, contact Cornelia Taylor.

In the process of working with states on outcome development and measurement approaches, the ECO Center cross-referenced the functional skills assessed by various published instruments with the three child outcomes required by OSEP for Part B/619 and Part C programs, to assess the degree to which these instruments measure the required outcomes. Crosswalks were generated for instruments based on the frequency of informal requests from states.

ECTA Center hosts ongoing learning groups for users of the BDI and TS GOLD, but does not endorse the use of any specific assessment instrument. A completed crosswalk does not constitute the endorsement of an instrument. If a crosswalk is not available it is because it has not yet been completed. To request a crosswalk be created, there are certain criteria ECTA considers:

  • Demand
  • Tool purpose
  • ECTA staff time constraint


Provided below are all instrument crosswalks requested by states. This list is organized by publication year, starting with the most recent. Tools published before 2000 are not included. Only tools appropriate for measuring outcomes are included, so screeners and diagnostic tools are not included here. The ECTA Center does not endorse the use of any specific assessment instrument.

These crosswalks differ from those being used by the publisher and/or developers. Placement of the items within Outcome is based on staff expertise and does not necessarily reflect the publisher's views or align to publisher-issued crosswalks or computations.

2011 - Present

2006 - 2010

2000 - 2005

* Denotes this crosswalk uses an older edition than the current available edition of the tool.