Improving Systems, Practices, and Outcomes

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COS Process Professional Development

Provided here is a collection of national resources to support COS training and technical assistance. The resources are displayed in a sequence and designed to be embedded in various types of professional learning opportunities, such as webinars and face-to-face trainings.

COS Process Professional Development: Guidance for Preparing and Implementing Effective Training and TA contains all the information you will need to understand the sequence and suggestions for identifying an appropriate starting point in your professional development context.

Build Knowledge of the COS Process

Practitioners gain an understanding of essential COS concepts.

  • The COS Process Online Module provides key information about the COS process and the practices that contribute to consistent, meaningful COS decision making.

Practitioners gain understanding of unique features of the COS in their state.

Develop COS Process Skills

Practitioners gain skills for effective implementation of the COS process.

Encourage Continuous Improvement on the COS Process

Provide opportunities for ongoing support to continue to improve practitioners' COS process skills.