Improving Systems, Practices, and Outcomes

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We offer a variety of technical assistance activities and supports including conferences, peer learning communities, products, and individualized TA designed to build system capacity to improve outcomes for children with disabilities and their families. These opportunities range in intensity, from self-paced exploration to intensive multi-year assistance, to meet the needs of our clients. We also provide TA in partnership with other OSEP-funded early childhood TA centers.

General Technical Assistance

We offer general TA that our clients can engage with at their own pace and convenience. This includes online tools, reports, modules, streaming webinars, and other resources found on our website. See our upcoming events, including webinars and conferences.

Targeted Technical Assistance

We respond to individualized TA requests based on a specific state's needs to build individual leadership or state system capacity. Our targeted TA services range in intensity from planning and consultation supports, to onsite trainings or stakeholder meeting facilitation. State coordinators can contact their ECTA state contact with individualized TA requests.

We support peer-to-peer learning through learning communities based on cross-state priorities, such as inclusion, measuring outcomes, and procedural safeguards.

Intensive Technical Assistance

We offer intensive TA to a limited number of states each year based on state and national priorities. Our intensive TA is designed to result in improved state and/or local system capacity to implement evidence-based practices. Intensive TA requires strong commitment and a stable partnership between the state and our staff. State coordinators can contact their ECTA state contact for more information about ECTA’s intensive TA offerings.