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ECTA State Contact Assignments by State

The Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center assigns direct contacts to assist lead agencies for Part C and education departments for Part B, Preschool for each state and territory across the U.S. to improve outcomes for children (age 0 to 5) with disabilities and their families. Locate your state/territory and TA contact from the list below.

ECTA State Contact Assignments by State
Last updated December 13, 2018
Primary Contact Phone Number
AK Anne Lucas 804-379-3833
AL Evelyn Shaw 919-962-7309
AR Betsy Ayankoya 919-962-7313
AS Evelyn Shaw 919-962-7309
AZ Anne Lucas 804-379-3833
BIE Anne Lucas 804-379-3833
CA Anne Lucas 804-379-3833
CO Kathy Whaley 919-962-7317
CT Debbie Cate 865-288-3131
DC Debbie Cate 865-288-3131
DoD Sherry Franklin 919-962-7368
DE Debbie Cate 865-288-3131
FL Sherry Franklin 919-962-7368
FM Evelyn Shaw 919-962-7309
GA Sherry Franklin 919-962-7368
GU Evelyn Shaw 919-962-7309
HI Anne Lucas 804-379-3833
IA Sherry Franklin 919-962-7368
ID Anne Lucas 804-379-3833
IL Grace Kelley 405-642-1039
IN Evelyn Shaw 919-962-7309
KS Kathy Whaley 919-962-7317
KY Katy McCullough 919-966-7934
LA Kathy Whaley 919-962-7317
MA Debbie Cate 865-288-3131
MD Debbie Cate 865-288-3131
ME Kathy Whaley 919-962-7317
MH Evelyn Shaw 919-962-7309
MI Kathy Whaley 919-962-7317
MN Debbie Cate 865-288-3131
MO Sherry Franklin 919-962-7368
MP Evelyn Shaw 919-962-7309
MS Grace Kelley 405-642-1039
MT Kathy Whaley 919-962-7317
NC Siobhan Colgan 919-843-2292
ND Sharon Walsh 703-850-1187
NE Katy McCullough 919-966-7934
NH Katy McCullough 919-966-7934
NJ Sharon Walsh 703-850-1187
NM Kathy Whaley 919-962-7317
NV Anne Lucas 804-379-3833
NY Evelyn Shaw 919-962-7309
OH Cornelia Taylor 650-859-5314
OK Kathy Whaley 919-962-7317
OR Anne Lucas 804-379-3833
PA Debbie Cate 865-288-3131
PR Betsy Ayankoya 919-962-7313
PW Evelyn Shaw 919-962-7309
RI Evelyn Shaw 919-962-7309
SC Sherry Franklin 919-962-7368
SD Kathy Whaley 919-962-7317
TN Katy McCullough 919-966-7934
TX Kathy Whaley 919-962-7317
UT Kathy Whaley 919-962-7317
VA Katy McCullough 919-966-7934
VI Evelyn Shaw 919-962-7309
VT Debbie Cate 865-288-3131
WA Anne Lucas 804-379-3833
WI Debbie Cate 865-288-3131
WV Katy McCullough 919-966-7934
WY Sharon Walsh 703-850-1187
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