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Family Capacity-Building Online Module

Family capacity-building can be used where the focus of early childhood intervention is using early childhood practices that are implemented by parents. This approach can be used to promote parents' use of any type of early childhood practice, and includes strategies to engage parents in activities to build their competence and confidence in providing learning opportunities for their child.

Learn a practice: Introduce and Illustrate, Engage and Support, Review and Next Steps

Family Capacity-Building in Early Childhood Intervention

This online module:

  • introduces family capacity-building to practitioners and service providers,
  • explains the steps of introducing new practices to parents and families,
  • includes short video excerpts demonstrating family capacity-building,
  • checks a learner's knowledge understanding through a variety of interactive formats, and;
  • includes a family capacity-building checklist for self-assessment or planning home visits.

Module Lessons

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