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Practice Improvement Tools: aRPy Pop Quiz!

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aRPy Pop Quiz!

"See what you already know about the DEC Recommended Practices!"

aRPY Pop Quizzes are available for the following topics:

These quizzes are based upon the knowledge in our Performance Checklists and Practice Guides for Practitioners and Families. Review the checklist and practice guide linked in the quiz, then watch a short video clip, and answer the question using what you've learned!

Thanks to these aRPy Ambassadors for providing additional pop quiz content: Dana Childress, Phoebe Rinkel and Nancy Surbrook


Classroom Learning Activities

Naturally Occurring Child Learning

Child Learning While Out and About

Toddlers on the Move!

Everyday Family Learning Activities


Practitioner Family-Centered Practices for Working with Families

Supporting Family Member Informed Decision Making

Practitioner Family Capacity-Building Practices in Early Intervention


Child Learning Comes Naturally

Following the Child's Lead

Following Your Child's Lead

Embedded Instruction Practices


Nursery Rhymes and Child Interactions

Communicating with Gestures and Signs

Child Social Communication

Preschooler Language Learning

Peer Social Interactions

Playing with Friends