Improving Systems, Practices, and Outcomes

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Professional Development on Inclusion


Supporting Inclusive Practices: Professional Development Resources (2015)

This resource compilation and paper provide information on supporting inclusive practices. The resource compilation focuses on preparing personnel to serve young children with disabilities in settings with their typically developing peers. The paper discusses the need to link early childhood program quality and professional development, with a concentration on how this relates to early childhood inclusion.

Why Program Quality Matters for Early Childhood Inclusion (2009)

This document from NPDCI advocates for the need to link early childhood program quality and professional development, with a particular focus on how this topic relates to early childhood inclusion.


National Inclusion Webinar Series (2016)

This webinar series promotes the use of the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services policy statement on inclusion in early childhood settings. The series provides an overview of the policy statement, shares empirical evidence for preschool inclusion, and offers examples of implementation of the policy statement state recommendations.

Inclusion of Young Children with Disabilities (2014-2015)

This webinar series illustrates resources to improve state professional development strategies that support inclusion.

Early Childhood Workforce Development (2016) HHS/AUCD

This webinar from the Department of Health and Human Services and Association of University Centers on Disabilities’ Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Interest Group is about early childhood workforce development, and explores issues related to workforce development and highlighted training programs at University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities.


The National Early Childhood Inclusion Institute

This annual conference is focused on early childhood inclusion. FPG Child Development Institute hosts the Institute with partners, including ECTA Center. Institute presentation content includes research findings, program models, policy resources, professional development strategies, as well as information on developing collaborative relationships and cross-agency systems to support early childhood inclusion.