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Part B, Section 619 Eligibility

The IDEA Improvement Act (2004) clarified that states may use, in addition to the Part B disability categories for eligibility determinations, the term "developmental delay" and apply it to the age range 3 through 9, or any subset of that range, including ages 3 through 5.

OSEP Memo on Response to Eligibility Determinations for Children Suspected of Having a Visual Impairment (2017)

Provides additional guidance to assist states with supporting their local education agencies in reaching appropriate eligibility determinations for children with a visual impairment disability, including blindness. Also, included are links to resources to help states examine their procedures that relate to the identification and evaluation of children with this disability.

Eligibility and Service Delivery Policies: Differences Between IDEA Part C and IDEA Part B: A Comparison Chart (2016)

National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management - Compares Part C and Part B policies in the following areas: Eligibility Criteria, Eligibility Determination, Types of Services, Service Settings, Service Recipients, Parental Rights, and System of Payments. It is intended as a resource to support transition between these programs for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Aspects of Eligibility for Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing under IDEA Part B Section 619 Preschool: A Survey Report, 2015 (2016)

National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management - Shares information provided from 32 state and 2 territory Part B Section 619 Preschool programs, highlighting state differences in eligibility requirements and eligibility determination process for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Use of Developmental Delay and Other Disability Categories for Preschool Aged Children

Eligibility Policies and Practices for Young Children Under Part B of IDEA (2011)

Includes a table with state by state policies including the use of "developmental delay".

DEC Concept Paper on Developmental Delay as an Eligibility Category (2009)