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System Framework: Quick Start Guide

This is a fillable PDF form. If your PDF reader software supports the feature, you can mark checkboxes and type directly in the notes fields. Be sure to save your changes to this file when you are finished working!

The ECTA System Framework is organized around six interrelated components: Governance (GV), Finance (FN), Personnel/Workforce (PN), Data System (DS), Accountability and Quality Improvement (AC), and Quality Standards (QS).

The System Framework: Quick Start Guide is designed to help state leaders scan their system and determine which component(s) of the System Framework might be most helpful for in-depth assessment and improvement planning. Ideally, state leaders would conduct an in-depth review of all components of their system with stakeholder involvement. However, with limited time, state leaders can use this guide to help identify a starting point.

Using the Quick Start Guide

To get started, respond Yes, No or Not Sure to each of the questions. If you don’t understand the question, you can learn more by going to the quality indicator(s) of the component associated with the question. Take notes to capture key information regarding your state context in relation to questions posed for each component.

After responding to all the questions, look across your answers to help determine which component(s) might need more in-depth assessment. There is no right or wrong way to use the data. You may choose to focus on areas where your state has higher concentrations of items marked No or Not Sure.

Next Steps

You may choose to build on the momentum of a component where you have experienced progress and would like to pursue a higher level of quality. Certain factors such as input from stakeholders or priorities of state leadership may be critical to consider when determining where to start. Once you have identified a starting point, the ECTA/DaSy Framework Self-Assessment can provide a more in-depth assessment and additional guidance on the process.