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eNotes Search Help

Here are some tips and examples to help you understand how the eNotes search function works:

  • Search for a word, part of a word, or phrase into the search box.
  • Do not quotation marks or apostrophes.
  • Search results include matches of titles, sources and abstracts of eNotes items.
  • The default search identifies eNote items published within the last 6 months, but you can choose to expand your search to the past 5 years.
Search eNotes

Example Searches

Example 1

To find items recently published in the Federal Register, enter the phrase federal register into the search box. You will get a list of eNote items published in the past 6 months that have the phrase federal register in the title, source or abstract.

Example 2

For all eNote items related to prematurity, premature birth, infants born prematurely, etc., enter the text string that is common to all these terms into the search box, which in this case would be prematur (without quotation marks). You will get a list of all eNotes items that have any of these terms in the title, source or abstract. The results will be listed in reverse chronological order by year.

Example 3

For items that are specifically about the Parent Training and Information Centers, enter the entire phrase into the search box. This will eliminate many items related to parents, parenthood, parenting, etc. and return only those items that contain the entire phrase you are looking for.

Example 4

For items from the Tots 'n Tech Research Institute, do not enter the entire phrase, as the search engine will not understand the use of an apostrophe. Instead, choose the most unique text string in this organizational name that does not include an apostrophe. For example, you could search for Tots or Tech Research Institute. Doing both of these searches should pick up all items from this institute, although you may also get some unrelated hits, which you will have to disregard.