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General Supervision of State Part C Systems

Topic Editor: Sherry Franklin

The primary focus of state monitoring activities is on improving educational results and functional outcomes for all children with disabilities; and ensuring that states meet the program requirements of IDEA, with a particular emphasis on those requirements that are most closely related to improving educational results for children with disabilities. As a result, states must have in place a general supervision system that monitors implementation of IDEA by early intervention programs (whether or not they receive Part C funds), and local education agencies statewide. [IDEA 2004, Section 616(a)(2)]

Overall, each state's General Supervision System must include multiple methods (or components) to ensure implementation of IDEA 2004, identify and correct noncompliance, facilitate improvement, and support practices that improve results and functional outcomes for children and families.

Figure: Building High-Quality Systems: Governance, Finance, Personnel, Data System, Accountability and Quality Improvement, Quality Standards

ECTA System Framework: Accountability and Quality Improvement Component

This component of the System Framework guides state Part C and Section 619 Coordinators, their staff and partners in an ongoing process of reviewing and evaluating the Part C and Section 619 systems to identify areas for statewide improvement. The process provides direction on determining strategies that achieve a quality, effective, and efficient system to support implementation of evidence-based practices leading toward improved outcomes for children and their families. This component assists state leaders in assessing and improving all other components of the framework.

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Streamlining and Integrating Part C General Supervision Activities: Monitoring and Program Improvement

There are three ways to use these resources and framework to identify where and how monitoring and program improvement activities can be streamlined and better integrated to meet both state needs and national reporting requirements. The guide shows the steps, their challenges, and visit links to related resources you can use for each step.

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Core Components of an Effective State General Supervision System

These core components were identified by The National Center for Special Education Accountability Monitoring (NCSEAM) in collaboration with the regional resource centers, the Federal Regional Resource Center, the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center, and representatives from state agencies, the National Association of State Directors in Special Education, and the IDEA Infant and Toddlers Coordinators Association in 2007. The core components are outlined in the following documents: