Improving Systems, Practices, and Outcomes

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Statewide Implementation Guide: Introduction

What is this Guide?

This guide lays out a process for improving child and family outcomes by implementing evidence-based practices, such as the DEC Recommended Practices. This includes how to identify areas of strength and need in your system, build key support structures, implement practices and track outcomes, and take the process statewide.

Who should use this Guide?

This guide is for state-level decision makers who are responsible for improving Part C/Section 619 child and family outcomes through efforts such as theĀ State Systemic Improvement Plan. State leaders of other early childhood programs, local program leaders, professional development providers/coaches, and practitioners involved in those programs can use resources and tools provided in the guide.

How is the Guide Organized?

The guide is organized around four essential support structures and four stages of implementation. The essential support structures provide the leadership, training, practice application, and documentation necessary for statewide implementation. The stages outline the critical activities at each point of the implementation process.

Essential Support Structures

Stages of Implementation

Video Overview to the Guide