Improving Systems, Practices and Outcomes

2012 Professional Development Webinar Series

Photograph: A child care worker reads to a group of preschoolers. (Photograph by Alex Lazara)

Building Cross-Sector
Professional Development Systems

March-May 2012


  • Kathy Whaley
  • Mary Louise Peters
  • Katy McCullough

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Session 1:
Building Cross-Sector Professional Development Systems
Featuring Iowa and Wisconsin
Monday, March 19, 2012

Presenters From Iowa:

  • Mary Schertz, Early Childhood Consultant, Iowa Department of Education
  • Dr. Cathy Swackhamer, Early Childhood Specialist & Manager Iowa Head Start TTA Center

Presenters from Wisconsin:

  • Linda Tuchman-Ginsberg, Program Director, EC Professional Development, UW Madison Waisman Center
  • Ann Ramminger Professional Development Specialist, UW Madison Waisman Center

Session Overview

In this session, presenters from Iowa and Wisconsin share their experiences in building and sustaining cross sector early childhood professional development systems. They describe:

  • Overview and decisions made for their cross sector professional development system design.
  • Accomplishments to date.
  • Lessons learned and tips for others embarking on this path.

Streaming Presentation

Additional Resources: Wisconsin

Additional Resources: WWW: National Professional Development Center on Inclusion

Session 2:
Developing and Implementing Cross Sector Competencies for Early Childhood Personnel
Featuring Florida
Wednesday, May 23, 2012


presenter photo
Alisa Ghazvini, Ph.D.
Early Childhood Consultant
presenter photo
Amanda Moore
State Inclusion Network Coordinator
Florida's Office of Early Learning
presenter photo
Kim Galant, Ph.D.
Regional Facilitator
Florida Technical Assistance and Training System (TATS)
presenter photo
Crystal Bishop
Ph.D. Candidate
University of Florida Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies

Session Overview

The Florida Expanding Opportunities for Early Childhood Inclusion Initiative collaborated in the development of Florida's Core Competencies for Early Care and Education. In addition, the group created Targeted Competencies for Specialists Supporting Inclusion. Participants will learn about how the state of Florida has aligned and integrated their cross-sector competencies to promote a comprehensive 'family' of resources supporting early childhood personnel that promotes inclusion.

This presentation covers Florida's:

  • Process for developing core competencies for practitioners and TA specialists and the benefits of using a cross-sector approach
  • Targeted competencies for specialists supporting inclusion (e.g. PT, OT, SLP) that will guide personnel practices for working in inclusive settings and how they are aligned with the core competencies

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Additional Resources

  • IDEAs that Work: Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education

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