February 6, 2004

In this Issue:

1. Early Childhood Educator Professional Development Program Notice Inviting Applications for New Awards for Fiscal Year (FY) 2004

Source: Federal Register: February 5, 2004 (Volume 69, Number 24)

Absolute Priority: To provide professional development to early childhood educators who are working in early childhood programs that are located in ``high- need communities.''

Invitational Priority: Young Children With Limited English Proficiency, Disabilities, or Other Special Needs - The Secretary is particularly interested in receiving applications that focus on providing professional development for early childhood educators who work with young children (including infants or toddlers, as applicable) with: limited English proficiency; disabilities, as identified under Parts B or C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act; or other special needs.

Applications Available: February 5, 2004.
Deadline for Transmittal of Applications: March 16, 2004.
Deadline for Intergovernmental Review: May 17, 2004.

For complete information go to http://www2.ed.gov/legislation/FedRegister/announcements/2004-1/020504d.html

2. Part B Annual Performance Report for July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003

Source: Whats New at OSEP - February 3, 2004

This page provides the general and specific instructions, Table and supporting Attachments needed to complete the Part B Annual Performance Report (APR) that covers grant year July 1, 2002 through June 30, 2003 (34 CFR 80.40). States' submissions are due on or before March 31, 2004. Go to http://www2.ed.gov/policy/speced/guid/idea/bapr/index.html

3. Notice of Proposed Information Collection Requests; Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Annual Performance Report [OSERS]

Source: Federal Register: February 3, 2004 (Volume 69, Number 22)

Summary:The Acting Leader, Regulatory Information Management, Office of the Chief Information Officer, invites comments on the proposed information collection requests as required by the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995. Type of Review: Reinstatement, with change, of a previously approved collection for which approval has expired. Title: Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Annual Performance Report

For complete infomation go to http://www2.ed.gov/legislation/FedRegister/other/2004-1/020304a.html

4. President's FY 2005 Budget Request for the U.S. Department of Education

Source: www.ed.gov - February 2, 2004

To view the President's FY 2005 Department of Education Budget Request for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services go to http://www2.ed.gov/about/overview/budget/budget05/summary/edlite-section2b.html
To view a list of Programs Proposed for Elimination go to http://www2.ed.gov/about/overview/budget/budget05/summary/edlite-section3.html