Improving Systems, Practices and Outcomes

Recruitment and Retention

National Centers and Clearinghouses

WWW: Center on Personnel Studies in Special Education (COPSSE) - The formerly funded OSEP project provides Research Syntheses and Policy Briefs regarding supply and demand and teacher retention and attrition.

WWW: National Center to Improve Recruitment and Retention of Qualified Personnel for Children with Disabilities (Personnel Improvement Center) - The Center funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), focuses on state capacity to recruit, prepare and retain diverse highly qualified special educators, early intervention and related service providers.

Reports, Position Papers and Studies

WWW: Twenty-Third Annual Report to Congress on the Implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - The Office of Special Education Programs' (OSEP) reported national data on research conducted by SPeNSE, a previously funded national research center on PDF: Special Education Teacher Recruitment and Hiring (2001) which included preschool data.

WWW: Supply and Demand Study - The American Association for Employment in Education provides this study and other recruitment resources.

WWW: Predicting the Need for Newly Hired Teachers in the United States to 2008-09 - The National Center for Education Statistics report.

WWW: Workforce Reports - The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association provides these reports regarding state and national supply and demand for the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology.

State Projects and Initiatives

WWW: Arkansas State Improvement Grant - Arkansas has a focused effort to increase recruitment and retention of special education teachers.

WWW: Scholarships for Speech Language Pathology - The Oregon Department of Education provides scholarships and mentoring funds to school districts/ESDs to increase the number of speech language pathologists (SLP) and speech language pathology assistants (SLPA).

WWW: Resources for Best Practice in Recruiting, Preparing and Retaining Personnel - For additional examples of state recruitment and retention efforts, visit the OSEP-funded National Center for Special Education Personnel and Related Service Providers' page on resources which features selected state initiatives.

Recruiting and Maintaining a Diverse Workforce

WWW: Recruitment, Retention and Career Transition of Racial/Ethnic Minorities to Communication Science Disorders - Exemplary practices and a review of the literature can be found on the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association website.(2009)

Ideas and Strategies - Philippa Campbell and Brian Hurwitz presented at the 2000 OSEP / NECTAC annual meeting.

PDF: Diversifying the Special Education Workforce - The OSEP-funded Center on Personnel Studies in Special Education (COPSSE) developed this Research Synthesis Policy Brief. (2002)

WWW: Creating and Maintaining a Diverse Faculty - ERIC Digest

WWW: Multicultural Strategies for Community Colleges: Expanding Faculty Diversity - ERIC Digest

Preparing Personnel to Meet the Needs of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Families - Additional resources from the ECTA Center.

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