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Part C Grants to States

Information for states receiving funds through the IDEA Part C formula grant program to assist in providing early intervention services for infants and toddlers birth through age two and their families.

OSEP Collaboration Space for IDEA Part C

This site shares relevant information, important news and valuable resources to support newly hired Part C Coordinators in their work. This site provides a comprehensive overview of IDEA Part C and key resources by topic.


This website includes Part C Grant Resources: applications, instructions, memos, links to recent and estimated allocations by program and by state, and more.

State Allocation Tables

The U.S. Department of Education provides recent actual and estimated allocations for IDEA, Part C Grants (open the "State tables by program" link and scan down to Grants for Infants and Families). See the State Funding History Tables for past allocations.

Part C Grant Award Letters

Letters, with special conditions included where applicable, for the IDEA 2004 Part C formula grant awards.

Regulations regarding public participation

Policies and procedures for Part C applications (Sec 303.208) and an explanation of change.