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The 2005 OSEP National Early Childhood Conference

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Post-Conference Workshops

Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2005

1 : 30 PM - 5 : 00 PM

A Toolkit for the Implementation of Service Coordination

Michael Conn-Powers, Maureen Greer, Julia Rusert

PowerPoint Presentation /~images/icons/pptlogo.gif (PPT: 56kb)
PowerPoint Presentation /~images/icons/pptlogo.gif (PPT: 58kb)

This workshop on curriculum is a skill building opportunity for service coordinators and administrators. Presenters will work with state participants on the Service Coordination Toolkit developed by the Research and Training Center on Service Coordination.

Screening as a Universal Approach to Addressing Children's Developmental Needs

David Allen, Lola Jahnke, Linda Tuchman

PowerPoint Presentation /~images/icons/pptlogo.gif (PPT: 2170kb)

The workshop will clarify the purposes of screening, the range and variety of instruments used and the qualifications and training needed in order to use the instruments. Participants will learn how a screening system can be developed as a universal effort to identify and support children's development. Participants will take a comprehensive look at all facets of screening, including the relationship between the concepts of medical home and screening, the physician's role, and the process of referral for services. National, state and local examples of screening efforts and resources will be shared. There will be opportunities to discuss the challenges and possibilities in developing a comprehensive screening system.

Strategies for Measuring Child and Family Outcomes Workshop

Kathleen Hebbeler, Lynne Kahn, Kristi Pretti-Frontczak, Dale Walker

Handout /~images/icons/pdflogo.gif (PDF: 102kb)
Handout /~images/icons/pdflogo.gif (PDF: 100kb)
Handout /~images/icons/pdflogo.gif (PDF: 92kb)
Handout /~images/icons/doclogo.gif (DOC: 285kb)
PowerPoint Presentation /~images/icons/pptlogo.gif (PPT: 838kb)
PowerPoint Presentation /~images/icons/pptlogo.gif (PPT: 357kb)
PowerPoint Presentation /~images/icons/pptlogo.gif (PPT: 247kb)

This workshop will provide guidance for all states on strategies for measuring child and family outcomes of Part C and Section 619 programs. Strategies under development or currently employed by states will be compared and contrasted. Participants will have ample opportunities for interactive discussion and Q and A with the presenters.

The Status and Development of B-3 State Level Personnel Credentials

Mary Beth Bruder, Vicki Stayton

This workshop will assist states in using the information gathered from the Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities national study on credentials. It is designed for states who have revised, are revising, or want to develop a credential for birth to three across disciplines. Presenters will identify states that would like to work on the second phase of this study, which will assist states to evaluate the effects of their credential on family and child outcomes.