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Kathleen Osta

Kathleen specializes in designing and facilitating highly participatory planning processes that help leadership teams, groups and organizations make the most of their organizational changes. Her work involves facilitating results-oriented group processes that respond to and address a host of change initiatives within health care, special education, human resources, technology, and finance. She uses methods that elicit and synthesize the group's best thinking into practical plans that ensure enthusiastic buy in from all the members of the group.

Kathleen's background in managing programs for preschoolers with special needs provides the foundation for her long-time commitment to support families in their roles as advocates for improved services. Kathleen began her 12 years in the field of disabilities as a social worker for an infant program in Mesa, Arizona in 1975. She went on to become the preschool program director and successfully transitioned the preschool from a self-contained service delivery model to a reverse mainstreamed experience.

For the last 8 years she has been a consultant and faculty member with the Federation for Children With Special Needs "ICC Leadership Institute." This national initiative is dedicated to providing parents with skills to enhance their capacity to advocate for needed services and to improve parent-professional relationships. Another central objective of the Institute is to help ICC teams create action plans that will address the unique challenges of reaching and helping unserved and underserved populations.

Using approaches that encompass both productivity goals and an appreciation for human dynamics, Kathleen brings a rare enthusiasm and clarity to her work with clients.

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