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Sharing Responsibility for Results-Oriented Participation

You're Invited…

By the Steering Committee of ICC Chairs and ICC Staff Network

And the invitation is this:

What ideas, thoughts, knowledge, challenges or passions do you have around these questions:

Though the topics above may not strike you as new, what is new is how many we will surface and how we go about identifying and discussing them. Have you ever met another ICC member who sparked your thinking in an unexpected way? Or, encountered someone who was as passionate about the same topic or issue as you were? After opening remarks and introductions, the morning's agenda will be determined by YOU! We will not be forming groups based on predetermined criteria. Rather, you'll be inviting other like-minded folks to join you for a spirited exchange on your favorite issue or opportunity.

Kathleen Osta of Vital Clarity will facilitate the meeting, using a technique called Open Space and whoever attends won't be able to walk away afterwards saying: "What a waste of time, they never even mentioned or discussed what I care most about." For part of the morning, there will be parallel working sessions on 15 - 30 topics posed by you or your peers, with all session information recorded and distributed after the session. You can expect some creative juices to be flowing and good information sharing. Something like what happens during a really great coffee break. For more information, view the Open Space PowerPoint show and detailed agenda.

What's the Focused Conversation Method?
After lunch, you'll learn the core components of a facilitation tool called the "Focused Conversation Method." This method has been used all over the world to help groups gain a deeper understanding of a topic by tapping all perspectives. From small rural villages to corporate boardrooms, this method creates a safe and productive space for the candid and complete exchange of ideas on any given topic. If you've ever wished for an easier way to discuss an ICC Meeting agenda item, this might just help. This method was developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), an international nonprofit organization dedicated to social change.

What will happen at the business meetings?
At 3:45 pm, the ICC Chairs will hold a brief business meeting and meet with Kathleen to learn a reliable model that provides a cognitive approach to the emotional experience of change. Participants will:

Also at 3:45 pm, ICC Staff Network will hold a brief business meeting and continue gaining familiarity with the new facilitation methods covered earlier in the day.

We hope you will join us for a stimulating and rewarding day of information sharing brought alive by your participation.

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