Improving Data, Improving Outcomes - August 15 - 17, 2016 - JW Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, LA

Improving Data, Improving Outcomes

Who is sponsoring the meeting?

The 2016 Conference on Improving Data, Improving Outcomes is being sponsored by The Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems (DaSy), in collaboration with the Early Childhood Technical Assistance (ECTA) Center, the IDEA Data Center (IDC), and the National Center for Systemic Improvement (NCSI) in New Orleans, LA on August 15-17 , 2016; with preconference activities beginning August 13.

What is the focus of the meeting?

The meeting combines issues related to the development or enhancement of Part C, Section 619, and/or coordinated early childhood data systems; improvement of data quality; and the measurement and use of child and family outcomes data in order to make data informed decisions. National frameworks and products and states' experiences and resources for improving data systems and systems of services will be highlighted.

Who is the intended audience?

It is designed for Part C and 619 coordinators, Part C and Part B data managers, and SICC chairs, and others working on EC data systems, Part C/619 outcomes, and improving service systems and practices such state TA providers and families. National TA providers and OSEP representatives will also participate and benefit from the meeting.

Are there funds available to support travel?

Funds are available to support travel and expenses for Part C and 619 coordinators and Part C and Part B data managers.


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