Improving Data, Improving Outcomes - September 8 - 10, 2014 - JW Marriott Hotel, New Orleans, LA

ECO Framework - Analysis

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Monday, September 8

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Pre-Conference Workshops

Child Outcomes Data Analysis

Room: Ile de France II

Session ID: W02

  • Abby Winer (DaSy, ECTA);
  • Kathi Gillaspy (DaSy, ECTA);
  • Kathy Hebbeler (DaSy, ECTA, IDC)
  • DaSy Framework - Data Use;
  • ECO Framework - Analysis;
  • ECO Framework - Using Data

How do you identify high- and low-performing programs? How can you link child outcomes data to information about practices? This workshop will provide hypothetical data for participants to review and discuss. The data exercises will include examples of analyses that lead to implications for improving data quality and guide decisions about strategies for program improvement such as identifying low performers and ways to link child outcomes data to information about practices.

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4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions: Round 2

Using the Child and Family Outcomes Analysis Tools (Cracker Barrel)

Room: Conde

Session ID: CB04

  • Siobhan Colgan (DaSy, IDC);
  • Abby Winer (DaSy, ECTA)
  • DaSy Framework - Data Use;
  • ECO Framework - Analysis

This informal session will involve a discussion of the data analysis tools developed by the outcomes team at ECTA and the ECO Center. Presenters will demonstrate the use of tools for broad and drill down analysis, graphing your state and local outcomes data, and excel calculators for APR calculations. Both child and family outcomes data tools will be presented. Ideas for new data tools needed by states are also welcomed.

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Tuesday, September 9

1:45 PM - 3:15 PM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions: Round 4

How to Examine Your State's Family Outcomes Data: Asking and Answering Critical Questions

Room: Maurepas

Session ID: S84

  • Alice Ridgway (CT Part C Data Manager);
  • Gary Harmon (NC Part C Data Manager);
  • Lisa Backer (MN Part C Data Manager, ECSE Supervisor);
  • Melissa Raspa (ECTA);
  • Siobhan Colgan (DaSy, IDC)
  • DaSy Framework - Data Use;
  • ECO Framework - Analysis

Does your state need some ideas about how to examine your family outcomes data? ECTA staff will provide an overview of the types of analyses you can conduct, including data quality checks, examining trends and patterns, and drill down analyses that focus on specific subgroups. States will share examples of different ways they have examined their family outcomes data and the types of critical questions they have asked and answered.

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