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Implementing and Sustaining
an Effective Service Delivery Approach:
Stages and Steps

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4. Implement the Plan

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The implementation team actively facilitates each implementation activity and evaluates if benchmarks of success are met (the activity has accomplished intended outputs). If not or not entirely, the team asks "why not" and problem-solves. The activity or outputs may need adjustment; a different or supplemental activity may be needed. For example, a review of new policies and procedures may indicate areas where more clarity is needed or an evaluation of a training event or program may indicate that new procedural guidelines are necessary. Feedback loops are critical and the actual written plan needs to be continually revised and stakeholders kept apprised of any important changes. Piloting and field-testing all steps and outputs, including early implementation of practices is necessary to identify and make revisions, changes and adaptations before proceeding to full implementation.

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