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Implementing and Sustaining
an Effective Service Delivery Approach:
Stages and Steps

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4. Implement the Plan

Step: Implement Training and TA

Build training and TA capacity and implement training and TA Plan activities at all levels: state-wide, regional, program, teams, individual providers, and families

  • Develop guidance and training materials, such as: on-line courses, written manuals, workshops agendas and presentations, etc.
  • Implement training and TA Plan activities at all levels, such as: kickoff presentations, workshops, mentoring, reflective supervision, peer modeling, program visits
  • Maintain relationships and provide materials to higher education and professional organizations to impact preservice education and licensing requirements


  • See also Step 4: Implement the Plan: #1 Adapt/Adjust Infrastructure for new WA forms and guidance materials and competencies.

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The training modules may also be viewed at http://ectacenter.org/wamodules/wamodules.asp; however, WA providers must register on the Moodle site provided by ESIT and view the modules there in order to get credit for completing the modules. For additional information about the use of the modules within WA State, contact Kathy Grant-Davis.

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