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Implementing and Sustaining
an Effective Service Delivery Approach:
Stages and Steps

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3. Develop Implementation Plan

Step: Build Training and TA Capacity

Build state capacity for training and TA to support and sustain the new service delivery approach over time

  • Conduct needs assessments and plan T & TA activities ; determine T & TA materials, human resources needed
  • Review and revise licensure and certification requirements, as needed to align with service delivery model
  • Involve pre-service, higher education programs involvement to align pre-service teaching with service delivery approach
  • Develop an evaluation plan to understand the effectiveness and outcomes of T & TA planned.


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The training modules may also be viewed at http://ectacenter.org/wamodules/wamodules.asp; however, WA providers must register on the Moodle site provided by ESIT and view the modules there in order to get credit for completing the modules. For additional information about the use of the modules within WA State, contact Kathy Grant-Davis.

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