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Implementing and Sustaining
an Effective Service Delivery Approach:
Stages and Steps

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3. Develop Implementation Plan

Step: Determine System Supports

Determine changes needed within state, regional and/or and local infrastructure, including funding mechanisms, to support and sustain the service delivery model.

  • Determine change needed to administrative structures to support desired change in practice such as: contracts, Interagency Agreements, general supervision/oversight, policies and procedures, guidance and forms
  • Determine changes needed in current funding mechanisms, find and align the fiscal resources to cover: start- up costs, infrastructure costs, resources, TA, training, materials, and new service delivery costs such as, team meetings, consultations, joint visits, etc.


  • See Resources, Stage 3: Develop Implementation Plan, #1 Build Implementation Team for contact information on ESIT state leadership team and WA Training and TA Cadre.

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