Introduction to IDEA Part C:

Three Interactive Modules

Credits, citation and permission for use

This series of Introduction to IDEA Part C On-line Training Modules includes: Foundations of Early Intervention, Initial and Ongoing Functional Assessment and Developing Initial and Continuing Individualized Family Service Plans. These training modules are a collaborative presentation of the WA Systems Improvement Project Team:

Project Directors and Coordinators:

Early Support for Infants and Toddlers Program: Karen Walker and Kathy Grant-Davis
Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute: Lynne Kahn, Joicey Hurth, Anne Lucas and Kathi Gillaspy

Script Developed by:

Laura Hansen
Dathan Rush
M’Lisa Shelden


Kathi Gillaspy
Anne Lucas
Joicey Hurth
Lauren Barton
Kathleen Hebbeler

Sharon Walsh
Ross Taylor
Sara Doutre’
Christina Kasprzak
Sheri L. Hill
Kris Slentz

Kellie Horn
Kathy Blodgett
Karen Walker
Kathy Grant-Davis
Megan Vinh

Produced and Edited by:

Jonathan Green
Christine Wagner
Matt Coy

John Cotter
Evangeline Christie
With support from Connie Salzman and Carol Hall, ESD 112, Washington

Narrated by:

Jonathan Green
Kathi Gillaspy
With thanks to staff at NECTAC and families at FIPP for their voices

Special Thanks to the Children, Families, and Staff who appear in these modules.

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