Resources for Step 4: Assign Accountability for the Issue and Its Resolution

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Sample Written Notification of Noncompliance

States are required to provide written notification of noncompliance to local early intervention programs. Based on the level/extent of the noncompliance, some state's findings letters require a CAP while others do not. Examples of findings letters include:

Corrective Action Plans/Improvement Plans

States have developed corrective action plan/improvement plan (IP) templates to ensure correction of noncompliance and program improvement.

Colorado DASHBOARD Reports on Implementation of Plan of Corrections

These state reports are printed monthly and shared with staff to track progress and allow intervention as needed. Also, the state is planning to use this report to do progress checks when a finding is not issued.

Florida Local Programs Determining Correction of Noncompliance through Data Review

These instructions provide guidance to local programs on what data fields should be selected to run updated data reports to determine correction of noncompliance related to transition conferences, Notification and 45 day timelines. These reports can also be used by local programs on an ongoing basis to determine their performance with these requirements throughout the year as a preventative measure.