Resources for Step 2: Determine the Extent/Level of the Issue

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Determining the Extent and Level of the Noncompliance

This document includes 2 example flow charts that link the extent and level of the noncompliance with a proportionate response for correction (Steps 2, 3, and 4). The flow charts diagram the relationship between a program's level/extent of the issue with the actions that will be required of local programs (including corrective action plans or CAPS) to ensure correction of noncompliance/resolution of the issue and the amount of data that the state will use to verify resolution or correction.

Washington - Identifying Noncompliance, Root Cause and Corrective Action

This flow chart and instructions outline the steps in the decision-making process for determining the level and extent of noncompliance and the relationship with root causes and the required corrective actions (including the amount of data needed for verifying correction) (Steps 2, 3 and 4).

District of Columbia Part C Monitoring Tool

This state's monitoring tool incorporates the criteria in the right column for determining the corrective action based on the level of noncompliance.