Resources for Step 1: Identify an Issue

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State Monitoring Indicator Matrices

States have selected indicators for monitoring local early intervention (EI) programs and overall state performance. The monitoring indicators usually include some related requirements and/or quality measures in addition to APR indicators. The data source used to collect the data is included for each indicator. State tools include:

State Self-Assessment Tools

  • Florida Self-Assessment Instructions and Quality Assurance Probes and Criteria for Measurement - Florida uses a self-assessment process to monitor local early intervention programs and support local program improvement. The Probes and Criteria for Measurement identify what self-assessment items are required and how they will be measured. Electronic worksheets are provided for local programs to complete based upon the data sample selected by the state. The same Probes and Criteria for Measurement tool is also used with several local early intervention programs that are selected annually for a facilitated self-assessment. The facilitated self-assessment includes state and local program staff working together to jointly complete the self-assessment. Programs are selected for the facilitated self-assessment based upon performance or the need to complete on-site monitoring once every three years.
  • Idaho Regional Annual Performance Report (Self-assessment) - Idaho's Regional APR (R-APR) is a self-assessment completed by regional programs on an annual basis and includes monitoring indicators, targets, data sources, instructions, and measurement. Some data in the R-APR is pre-populated from the database, while other data is collected through a regional record review/self-assessment process.
  • Wyoming Early Intervention Monitoring Manual - Related Requirements and Root Cause Analysis Record Review (Appendix F) - This record review tool is designed for use during onsite focused monitoring visits and is organized by APR and state selected local monitoring indicators. The state uses only portions of this record review tool for those indicators where the EI program's performance is a concern. It incorporates items corresponding to the related requirements as well as items that help identify root causes of noncompliance or performance issues.
  • Arizona Site Review Child File Data Sheet and Worksheet - Arizona developed a self-assessment tool for local early intervention programs to collect data on monitoring indicators and related requirements that are not collected through other means, such as the state data system.