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Publications Finder: Help

Basic Instructions

Publications Finder is not case-sensitive. You may enter upper or lower case characters.

Publications Finder searches character strings, including spaces, just as they are entered. Thus, "john" in the name field yields all Publications which have this string of characters, including Publications with names "Johns," "Johnson," "Bonjohn," etc., anywhere they appear in the Contact's name.

Searching Multiple Terms - ALL, ANY

"ALL" is the default search. If you select multiple fields on which to search, you should control your search using "ALL" or "ANY." "ALL" searches for records containing all the terms selected. For example, a search on State=North Carolina AND Contact Type=ICC would yield ICC Publications located in NC.

Selecting "ANY" searches for records containing any of the terms chosen. A search using "ANY" would yield documents where at least one of the terms appeared in each contact's record. "ANY" is used to combine terms that have similar meaning and broadens the search.

Field Descriptions

Title -- Enter any word or phrase that is in the Publication title. Enter only alpha-numeric characters. Please do not enter any quotation marks, apostrophes, etc.

Author Last Name -- Enter the last name of the person for whom you are looking. Because Publications Finder searches a string of characters, "John," for example, will yield all instances of "John" and "Johns," etc.

Date -- Select a year in which the publication what 1st published from the drop down list.

Format -- dropdown list

Subject -- dropdown list

Category -- dropdown list

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