Step 2: The SLT convenes a stakeholder group for needs assessment and system analysis

  1. Determine appropriate stakeholders including state agency personnel, TA personnel and pre-service personnel, regional and/or program administrators, providers/teachers and parents.
  2. Clarify stakeholder group's purpose, responsibilities and projected timeline for involvement.
  3. Articulate the purpose and rationale for change, including any supporting data.
  4. Review infrastructure and current practices, including issues, concerns, and strengths from the perspectives of all stakeholders.
  5. Identify the concerns and problems at all levels of the service system (e.g., state, regional, local services to children and families) the state is trying to address.
  6. Identify desired outcomes and changes for each level of the system.
  7. Review or realign the system's mission and values to fit with desired outcomes and new vision for a change in practices.