Implementing and Sustaining
an Effective Service Delivery Approach:
Stages and Steps

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3. Develop Implementation Plan

Step: Build State Leadership Team and Local Implementation Team(s)

Build State Leadership and Local Implementation Teams to develop a written implementation plan, oversee all activities, track timelines and evaluate and make adjustments as needed.

  • Be intentional about the Leadership team make-up with representation from all levels of the system, varied experiences and perspectives and understanding of implementation
  • The local team(s) should include service provider, administration, and intermediary administrative unit staff (if applicable) with varied experiences and perspectives and understanding of implementation.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the team members and their long term commitment to implementation and sustainability
  • Assure the teams have the resources, information and skills necessary to lead the change effort
  • Appoint team leaders / key contact people to convene regular meetings to develop a plan and do the work


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