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Child Outcomes Summary Competency Check (COS-CC)

The WWW: DaSy and ECTA Centers are pleased to announce that field testing of the COS-CC is underway! Registration is self-guided, so simply follow the steps below.

If you require technical support (e.g., trouble logging in), please call 1-855-548-DASY. Support is available 24/7. If you have questions about the field testing process, please contact Kate Ferguson at

The COS-CC is an online tool intended to assess early intervention and early childhood special education practitioners’ understanding of the essential knowledge and skills needed to reach accurate ratings of child outcomes using the COS process.

  1. Sign-up for an account at
    • After submitting your information, an “Email Not Confirmed” message will appear. Click OK to continue with the rest of the registration.
  2. Complete the registration profile.
    • If you are a practitioner who works with children ages Birth to 5, please select only one age group—Birth to 3 or 3 to 5—when setting up your profile.
    • Please note that "Field Test School" is the only available jurisdiction/district during this testing period.
  3. Verify your account registration.
    • Once you save your profile, the message "Please confirm the email to start assessment" will appear. Check for an email asking you to verify your account and follow those directions.
    • After verifying your account, log back into the assessment system with your email address and password.
  4. Begin the assessment with Level 1.
    • Level 1 consists of ~10 multiple choice items designed to test your basic knowledge of the COS process.
    • You can retake Level 1 as many times as needed to pass. You will be given a new set of items with each attempt.
  5. When you pass Level 1, Level 2 will become available.
    • Level 2 consists of ~15 items, including a case study with video observation, designed to test your ability to apply knowledge of the COS process.
    • You can retake Level 2 as many times as needed to pass. You will be given a new set of items with each attempt.
  6. After successfully completing Level 2, the system will generate a certificate that you can save and/or print. Congratulations, you have passed the field test administration of the COS-CC!

Things to Note:

  • Through the field testing of this assessment, DaSy and ECTA are collecting the data needed to undergo rigorous psychometric validation procedures. Currently, the results should not be interpreted to be a reliable and/or accurate indicator of essential practitioner knowledge.
  • The COS-CC can be accessed through any desktop or laptop computer. Tablets and mobile devices are not supported.
  • Users are encouraged to have an age anchoring tool of their choosing (e.g., an age-expected child development resource) and the PDF: COS Decision Tree on hand when taking the assessment.
  • At any point, you can stop, save your work, and resume the assessment later.
  • Once we have logged your use of the system, we will email you a follow-up survey requesting feedback on your experience. Users who successfully complete Level 1, make at least one attempt to pass Level 2, and complete the user feedback survey will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Amazon gift card!
  • IDEAs that Work: Office of Special Education Programs, U.S. Department of Education

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